About Us


Our little pig farm, a small sustainable farm located in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Beginning with a few chickens the farm soon branched into pigs, which now forms our focus.

We raise our animals the natural way, free to roam, feeding in the wild, this protects our environment, animal welfare and produces the finest pork you can buy.

Our Tamworth-Berkshire-Duroc mix breed pigs are happy and at home outside, and through a combination of breeding and exercise produce pork with a superior flavour and fat distribution.

The farm environment is maintained through a system of bio-dynamics. Muscovy ducks for pest control, compost production, and the pigs feeding in the fields and woods, IMG_0878saving energy and fertilizing the soil.

The pigs live their whole lives at the farm They are free range, foraging in the fields on crops of kale, oats, peas, turnips, flax, and hickory nuts (the Hickory Forest is the pig’s favourite part of the farm).

At Our Little Pig Farm we are dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest quality food, free of hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified feeds. Our meats are smoked and cured without the use of nitrates and are gluten free.

Try one of our sampler packs, or order a side of pork with your custom cuts. You won’t be disappointed.