Our Products

Choose Your Pastured Pork Package

Sample Pack – A variety of pork including: roasts, a ham, bacon, chops, sausage, plus some extras

25 lbs, $180

Sausage Taster – Mix and match your flavours, choose from Plain, Garlic, Hot or Mild Italian, Spinach & Cheese, Tomato Basil, Belgian, German, Hungarian, Small Breakfast; (min. 5 lbs per flavour)

Twenty 1lb pkgs, $120

The Whole Side – An entire side of pork, you choose your cuts; e.g. chops, roasts, hams, steaks, bacon, sausages, hot dogs and more…

70 – 75lbs, cost depends on cuts, $400 – $550

$100 deposit on order

Go Whole Hog!

Double the Whole Side, see above
For more information about how to purchase our
products please contact us at info@ourlittlepigfarm.ca